Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Ego at My SECRET Place

The Ego at my Secret place by Secret (25/04/2011 at 'my table')

Impossible to back stab
Kill with mind
Shoot with nails
I shot you with patience
But you can't hold on
You turned back
But stay still
and wanted me to decide

Pause the time and I'll kill you
Where's your mind when you lose your soul
Never try to forgive though a bow
seat stay still
Looked at me
and your eyes shoot can't go through me
My eyes covered with shield
the shield of patience and I won't let go thee

The world is full of fools in the inside within
Even though you tried so hard to be Einstein
But the world more appreciate the Shakespeare
and Khwarizmi spirits

Keep hitting, waiting at my secret place
Though it's ready
But I'm still waiting
Waiting for the wind to reveal

the atmosphere is great at my secret place
Can't see the imperfection though it's empty
Empty with people but full of coffee and the Chocolate Indulgence's me
That brings me to the highest peak !

Not Everyday but It's every time
The drug is here
Available at my secret place
The singers sing for me
To cheer me without request me any penny

My Secret place
I keep you within me
I bring you money
and you build up my soul back

Should I go and forget the past
I grew a lot and know how to write

It's bot a song or a tree
You taught me how to write from within
I give you these
Bring me the Coffee


Anonymous said...

salam....its a bit mind boggling....bila baca puisi diatas, macam kelihatan an excerpt from a book, though i can't fully understand this poem, but it is well written.

Anonymous said...

your poem sound so good
a bit long winded and end up with food
as hard as i try to understand as i should
but alas, fail to conclude
especially on para 1 and 2 , if you could
explain the message it include

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