Thursday, April 28, 2011

RUDENESS @ Ke kurang ajaran

(Bilingual Entry )


Hye for all,

Today I won't tell you much, but I'm going to be real me as writing this. at this moment.
I'm talking from within and I don't think it's going to be great, and without smiles on my face, you may judge or you may conclude that you won't laugh or smile at the end of this entry. (Actually it's kinda funny when I'm keep talking about entry, right? ok. It's better for me to use letter? instead of entry. )

Dear readers,
Who ever you are, 
Where ever you are,
or are we in different continent? I'm in Malaysia, right now. Where are you? (Tell me.)
I wish, I could be somewhere in this world.
I wish I could seat under the tree.
Listening to the birds' and Crickets' whistle .
I hope I could do that.

There a tree in my former campus in East Malaysia.
I seat there. 
Under the tree.
Listened up to the whistles, the wind
Really made me alive 
in my own world.
Only me.
and i could hear my voice.
It's like the story of Alice in wonderland.

I don't this this is a poem
Actually I am more talking to myself
But I let all my readers hear it.
I hope I don't interrupt you.

Why people keep stuck in their memories?
It's better to say that,
I am.

To be honest,
I keep questioning why, why, why.
Even though I already give my all to my God.

That's is why.
People called them as MEMORY.

I'm sorry God.
I have no intention to say that.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean it.
As You always know.
I give You my all.
I trust nobody but You.
You are always with me
no matter how hard it is
no matter how happy I am
I share with You a lot.
I love you, God.

(Breath out/exhaled)

Hye readers,
I'm sorry,
I just talked to my God just now.

Can we continue?

Could I start it with questions?
May I?

Hi, I am Secret,
Who are you?
Would you back stab me in the end?
Would you mind to help me when I'm really need you?
Would you?
Are you going to talk at my back and say bad things about me?
Perhaps rumors? 
Bad, bad, bad rumors?
Are you going to make fun of me?
Are you going to widespread anything that I've NEVER DONE,
and probably and it should be really bad, bad, bad things
and you tell everyone in this world that I've done really bad, bad, bad things?

Poor little me.
Why I've met those people in my past life?

I love God,
I trust God,
God knows everything
Every single things in this world
is God's

God loves me
and that why God shew me everything
The cruelness, the rudeness,
of the humans.
I'm may be one of them.
I don't realized that I could be probably once

maybe this is the punishment
maybe this is the preparations for me to face the world.

You may find
Good men with kind hearted
You may find
Bad men with bad hearted
You may find
Really good men
in the end
You may find
they are the true evil of all human kind

one day
You may find
Really bad men
and hate them from the first meet
in the end
You may find
They could be probably 
The angel of all human kind

Did I missed anything here?
I hope 
My lovely readers
Could probably 
swing with me at the playground or under the tree

I love my readers

p/s: I would like to apologize to my dear readers. Because until the end of this letter, you can't find any Malay words. I'm sorry. I have no intention doing that. But at this moment, I still can hear my voice speaking in English. I'm sorry. Till then. Peace for all. Assalamualaikum

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