Friday, April 15, 2011

SAJAK/POEM: The Missing Part

The missing part.
written by secret (

It has been days
Being not so real me
It is not me as usual
Not me as everyday before
and It is so obvious
and even myself cannot define me.

For no reason
I smile
For no reason
I suddenly cry
In seconds I stop
and questioning myself
and the reason is undefined.

It has been days
Stay still and ponder
Stressful for nothing

Late at night
Searching for new stuff
Looking for new ideas
To break all the walls
The wall of idiot-ism and the emotionless sight

It has been days
I am not so real
It may seems 'too' me
But the all emotions should not combined in a day
and that is make me not so real

Watching Yuna Inspired in youtube
She makes me feel something
not super something
but it is something!

It has been days
I suddenly really high
Happy and laughed in awhile
Just stay in seconds
Feeling sad for no reason

Never been like this for once
Weird and makes me wonder
Is there any missing part?

Because It has been days
The same feeling
The feeling of all emotions
I feel something
I should
and I have to
is to look for the Missing Part.


Anonymous said...

maybe what you need is a kick in the ass to make you feel real again....haha...kidding

cheer up, it shows that you are normal, there are ups and downs in yr poem, sometimes it defines me.

secret said...

OMG. a kick? on my lovely ass? sure it would be superb pain.haha that's so real. huhu
thanx anyway. it's not lovely enough la. (shy2) huhu just throwing the weird emos into words. Thanx for dropping down comment. i really appreciate it. and actually i'm not expecting people would read my poem. tq :) do add me on fb.

Anonymous said...

whoa, ni cam citer makcik aku
she laughs, she smiles , she cries for reasons god knows why
memula beberapa hari je
mudian hari bertukar minggu
minggu bertukar bulan
bulan bertukar tahun
now dah bertahun-tahun
she went m**t*l..huhu

p/s cepat2 cari the missing part, kalau tak jumpa pakai je spare part yg ada tu......hehe

secret said...

@Anonymous 7.15pm.
hahah.lepas baca komen kamu, saya nak cepat2 cakap. saya dah jumpa missing part tu!! huhu
biasalah. orang perempuan, ada dalam sebualan tu, ada hari tergendala sikit.haha

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