Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cuti Blogging. BOleh?

Kotak tisu faveret. comel je. tak sanggop nak buang.haha. lawa sangat.
n i choose scott  because of the kotak's design at the first place.heheh

Arini jumaat. 2 post je. coz i went somewhere aroung jb.
pantai lido, and of course the persada. got pc fair there.
i bought myself a notebook lock. cheapest price ever. RM5. haha
mampu la tu kan.
actually i went there without any intention of buying anything electronic-PC gadgets related stuffs.
so, i had maybe 4-5 rounds in the fair venue. 1st time loh.. my first impression. 'lah.... awat buat takat besar dewan orang ramai jubli intan, kluang je. ingatkan besor no lah.'
2nd impression's like entering a ball room in the hotels or venue for annual dinners. so nice.

yeah. as i said. i have no intention of buying ANYTHING
cuz my lovely printer HP 1610 psc is still ok.
still look like brand new. it's actually 7 years old.
pc fair in city square year 2005. so. it's 7.

my laptop still ok. just went out from the icu and cost almost 650. aiya...

so, nothing to buy. i went around and around.

the so many- many brands' promoters are so unlucky  having me as the visitors.
i dont take any of their flyes wat so ever they called. THE PAPERS lah.
i used to have them during past pc fairs. aiya....
went home and the papers are all rubbish. no use.

So, i remind myself for not taking THE PAPERS. unless i'm really into it.
so yeah.

I show you how to avoid from the annoying promoters.

ACT LIKE A PSYCHO! and i did this afternoon.
most of them stare and me and they got a wondering faces. haha watever.

ACT LIKE A DEAF MAN. if you dare lah. watever
on my way out from the hall. and try to get to the lobby to meet my parents. i have to pass almost 40-50 younger promoters. all of them are teenagers. 15-30.  DAMN..DAMN...
ALL OF THEM IS CHASING ME. 1st attempt is not success. yeah.
by showing the sign of deaf man. i point my finger to ears . is like ' hey, i'm deaf, i cant hear you' yeah. eventhough i heard the  promotion.. broadband ape...blah..blah.. hahah
only god knows. urghh.... they are very scary and freaking me out. ewwww.......... i'm almost faint. why too many weird promoters. they should have some unique skill to approach customers. aiya... FAIL LAH... hoho
watever. i said this. coz i used to be sales person. shhh........ lalala

i wont tell you more.

ok. that is for today.
i'm so busy lately. yeah. the MAKAN JOB. have to attend the KENDURI KAHWIN. it's makan..makan..makan... yeah..
I'm craving of masakan kampung. i hope there will be the PISANG MASAK LEMAK. omg. the lemak. serius. the kuah lemak is other thing. but the pisang. normally they use the teenager pisang. love ly. so heaven. i wish my dream will come true. amin.huhu

yeah... instead of having the NASI BERIYANI, all of you should try to serve your tetamu with different and unique cuisine. and i'm pretty sure all of you guest will forever remember of you majlis. yes. i'm sure.

Oh yeah. IF I'M MARRIED ONE DAY. (in future)
sedap der.kalau orang cina tu, macam telor herba lah. yang diorang selalu jual kat shopping komplek. harum semerbak bau nya. but so far i love the Traditional Malay's Telor Pindang. So heaven. There's no stairway. You just into the heaven.haha

Berangan nya aku. alamak ai..
omg. I miss someone oledi.
tak mau cakap la. nanti sedih. bye- bye.

k lah.
bye. if all of you are lucky, i'll update new post later .super late at night.
if not , so only this for today la.

aiya... the virus M is already spreading into me.

Yeah. I still not having a smartphone. so i cant update my blog without my laptop. hehe

for the PC FAIR
- kingmax pendrive 4GB- RM21-24 / 8GB RM45
-HP pendrive. 4GB RM 32-35 / 8GB 65
-the printers, you can get as low as RM99
- the GPS Navigator 699 and could up to 999 ?
-the lumix camera - as low as 699
- the samsung camera - 399

so far, that's it. dat i really remember after the horizontal mary go round almost 8 times kot. haha

i'm still wondering what is the advantage of TOSHIBA's products  and which products is much much much more better. either HP or Toshiba. so far, I trust more on HP's products. yeah.

so, if any of you living in JB. More people more merrier .
and dont forger to  donate RM5 to the parking cashier. haha

PC FAIR 2011
Persada Johor Bahru
27-29 Mei 2011

have fun.
please list all the gadgets you want
please dont forget to ask yourself
yeah. to every single things you list down.
I could ensure you wont loose you money.

and other advice. please try to push yourself to list down anything you could buy at the pc fair.
bcoz  IT IS A PC FAIR. 27-29 mei 2011 in JB.
so, you have to makesure you wont menyesal later. haha
PC FAIR memang bikin orang tingtong.haha

ok. that's all.
yeah. dont' forget to leave comments below. Please tell me, how many entry I should post in a day. coz. seriously i'm started having the M's virus. Serious. So that I'll be more enjoy blogging and yeah... teruja gitu.

k. for my muslim readers. ASSALAMUALAIKUM
and for my non muslim readers. PEACE BE UPON YOU.


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