Sunday, May 08, 2011


To my dear mom. I love you. 
It's hard for me to show my love with WORDS...
I mean, in form of conversation between me and you.
I'm sorry for what I did hurt you.
It's a lot.

I'm sorry. I cry. 
and I'm hardly cry in front of you.
and I will always pretending that there's nothing happen 
even though I'm wrong. So I won't feel to cry in front of you.

Dear mom,
Pretending not to cry in front of you is the hardest job I've done.
and I won't stop doing it till the end of my life.
Unless you caught me crying in the room
or when I can't hold my tears in front of you.
I'm sorry.

That day.
I made a promise to someone.
to whom you love most.
On her last day.
You cried a lot. Because you love her so much.
Don't worry.
We can see and pay her visits again.
I keep her address in mind.
KT 6867. 

I'm sorry mom.
You may hurt when I'm not crying
and seems like I'm too stubborn 
to drop a tear.

I always crying mom.

I've promised to your mother (my grandmother) 
while I'm holding you crying in front of her jenazah.
that I cannot cry in front of you.
I have to become strong for you.

"Atok, Secret tak leh nangis depan ibu (sambil memerhatikan ibu menangis di sisi jenazah atok). 
Kalau Secret nangis, nanti ibu macammana pulak. Secret kena kuat untuk ibu. 
Ibu sayang sangat kat atok. "

I love you, mom.
always and forever.
I'm sorry for not being so good lately.
I'm sorry. Your love is precious and infinity.
I should thank to Allah because I am your child.
I love you mom.

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